Temperatures in Mallorca, see the monthly average temperature in Majorca

The climate in Majorca is typically Mediterranean, with warm temperatures and seasonal rainfall. In summer we almost have no rainfall. The annual rainfall its different from one place to another, in the south is about  350 mm and 1,500 mm in the high mountain areas of the Serra de Tramuntana, normally most of the island receives between 450 and 650 mm of rainfall. 40% of total annual rainfall falls during autumn, from September to November, 25% in spring, from March to May, and in winter the precipitation percentage is the same as in spring, 25%, from December to February. During the summer, from June to August we have only 10% of precipitation. The rainfall is characterized by its irregularity, varying considerably from year to year. Most of the rain is concentrated in a few days with heavy rainfall in autumn and the rest of the year of low intensity.

The average annual temperatures in Mallorca, except the high mountains, are between 16 and 18 ° C, with average maximum summer days of 29/31 ° C and average minimum winter nights of 5/9 ° C. Although extremes occur almost every year above 35 ° C and below -2 ° C, exceptionally temperatures can reach 41 º C in summer to -6 º C in winter.

Average Temperatures in Mallorca

The physical environment of Mallorca is primarily the sea, a deep sea, closed, and relatively warm, with surface temperatures reaching 26 º C in August and that do not drop below 14 º C in winter. The sea regulates the temperature and due to this thermal seasonality is not as marked as in the middle of the continent, at the same latitude.

Sea water temperatures

In winter, winds blow from the north and they are known as Mistral wind (NW) and Tramontana (north). In the summer months the prevailing winds are from the south, known as Xaloc (southeast), Mitjorn (south) and Llebeig (southwest).

The Embat is the name given in Mallorca to the sea breeze, a wind originated locally by daytime heating of the earth with respect to the sea. The air over land heats up and tends to attract more fresh sea air into the interior of the island. This means that in summer daytime temperatures are not harsh in coastal areas.

Best time to visit Mallorca
This island is worth visiting all year round. The almond trees in bloom during the month of February allow one to forget the winter. Other swimmers and sea lovers will find the best time to travel to Mallorca between May and September. Mallorca’s water temperature is maintained near 20 ° C even in November.



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