Hams Caves

Mallorca offers as many attraction as any traveler would ever want. From the wonderful beaches on the coast, to the picturesque villages of the interior land and the historical monuments all around the island, every each of them easy to explore, meant to relax your senses during your well deserved vacation. Maybe not just everything around Mallorca has such an easy reach. The underworld, the caves systems, even though well known by a lot of people, they just stay there, waiting for you to go down and reveal its secrets.

One of the best underground sights of Mallorca, even if it is not the largest of its kind, is the complex of caves located nearby Porto Cristo, the Hams Caves or, as the locals name it, Cuevas dels Hams. Discovered by Pedro Caldentey in 1905, the Hams Caves are famous for the underground lake, nicknamed Lake of Venice, for its splendid tree like formations lighten up by a diaphanous artificial lighting, giving them that particular secretive halo. The artistic touch of the lightning inside the caves was arranged by Lorezo Caldentey, the son of the speleology pioneer who discovered them.

Hams Caves is a true forest of short or long pillars made of limestone, in different odd shapes, just like an old Greek temple sustained by its strong magnificent marble columns. Placed in a great location, nearby Cala d’Or, Cala Millor or Cala Romantica, the caves of Hams could be a cooler alternative of spending quality time on Balearic grounds.

To get to Hams Caves, which is only few kilometers away from Porto Cristo, you need to follow the MA-4020 local road from Porto Cristo to Manacor and to stop 11,5 km away from the first. The cave system is well marked on the main road. Hams Caves remind us of another great cave system of Mallorca, Caves of Drach, offering wonderful classical music concerts, right below the Earth’s surface.

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