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Six beautiful natural Coves in Mallorca

Six beautiful natural Coves in Mallorca

1. Calo d’Es Moro Photo by Nathan Congleton 2. Cala Carbó Photo by Birdsinhermind 3. Cala Gat Photo… Read more »

Three romantic places in Mallorca to spend St. Valentine’s Day

Three romantic places in Mallorca to spend St. Valentine’s Day

This time we will show you some of the romantic places where you can enjoy with that special someone that… Read more »

Off-Season travel in Mallorca

Off-Season travel in Mallorca

Mostly known by its sunny beaches and worm climate, Mallorca can be an awesome destination for travelers looking… Read more »

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  • Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

    Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

    The origins of the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa (Real Cartuja de Valldemossa) dates back to the 14th Century, when King Jaume II built this palace for his son, Sancho. The initial monastery, built in 1399, at the time philosopher and mystic Ramon Llull lived on the island, was the king’s wish to open a new religious order, dedicated to San...... Read more »
  • Lluc Sanctuary

    Lluc Sanctuary

    Lluc is an old Mallorcan monastery founded in the 13th Century, the most important pilgrimage on the island. Regardless the departing point you choose, a trip to Lluc monastery will always increase your adrenaline level as you approach it. Weather you choose an organized trip, or a self managed excursion by bus of by car, you will notice the air...... Read more »
  • Monti Sion Sanctuary

    Monti Sion Sanctuary

    Mallorca is all about diversity, combining elements of incredible natural beauty with cultural tradition and religious legacy. Just like Palma with its symbols in La Seu or Basilica de Sant Francesc, Porreres offers its share of quietude on top of the Monti Sion mountain, located between Sant Salvador and Puig de Randa, the Monti Sion Sanctuary. To reach the upper...... Read more »

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